Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"Okay enough."

"Okay enough." That's how I answered when one of my housemates asked how today went. Seemed right. Seemed apt.

I'm at the tail end (I sincerely hope) of this cold; still sore-throated and trying to soothe it. LOTS of hot tea; I feel good that I didn't need cough spray too often. I also sent co-workers a message that I'd talk as little as possible, which prevented well-meaning but obnoxious-to-answer-repeatedly questions. (Before I sent the message, when I was just walking into the office, someone called from a few rows down "HOW ARE YOU?" I said nothing until I'd changed course, walked to that row, got a cubicle wall away from the questioner, and said "throat's still sore." She'd thought I was coming so close because I hadn't heard her.)

This is still better than a day or two ago, when at times it literally hurt to laugh. OF COURSE I STILL FOUND FUNNY STUFF ON THE INTERNET. I have known true pain. *grins*

Now I'm hoping I'm a little closer to better. Same to all of you. (And now I'll go back to eating ice cream...)
Tags: work

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