Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

How I spent my Christmas vacation, by Chris Walsh, age 42 1/6

Huh. You'd think that a holiday with my name sort of in it would be a bigger deal for me, and that I'd feel more connected to it. And in the past I have. This was an effort for me to connect to it. For me, things hadn't felt like Christmas leading up to this one. Not your issue, my issue. I let too many holidays kind of sneak up on me, to be honest; it's a bad habit of mine.

But Christmas still happened, as did time off. Last week at work was busy; Monday through Wednesday felt packed enough that the work week seemed longer. Good thing I was honestly productive, as I was processing a certain form that my office has a lot of right now. (Usually I handle a few dozen of this form in a week; at the moment we have well over double the norm, maybe three times more than usual, and they have a short deadline. I KNOW WHAT I'M UP TO THE NEXT FEW MORE DAYS.)

And that got done. Christmas Eve, Thursday, was an errand day: laundry, last-minute shopping for gifts for Mom and Dad -- okay, THAT is when I started to feel more Christmas-y, getting something nice that my folks wound up liking -- and a Beulahland treat-meal for lunch. Then I hit the road for Dundee. (The road didn't hit back, which is good, because that hurts.)

Then I felt more relaxed, which is always a gift. Christmas was low-key; that was probably best for me this time. Not too many gifts, and the folks and I didn't unwrap them until around 11:00. We must be officially old (or without enthusiastic young'uns getting us up at 6:00). We visited other relatives for a relatively small extended-family dinner, with the happy bonus of my New York City cousin Jeff making an impromptu visit to Oregon.

I got back to my Portland place the afternoon of Saturday the 26th, then left almost immediately to get to a theater so I could see The Force Awakens again with friends (their first viewing). GOOD CHOICE, as was the sushi dinner we had afterward. Sunday was a hanging-out-at-home day, though I finally motivated myself out late afternoon for grocery shopping because it had to get done.

Okay. How will today be a gift?

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