Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Don't be a dick, and other work lessons

That moment when you want to blog about something until you open the "post an entry" page and actually think about what you wanted to blog about and realize: I'd be kind of a dick if I blogged about that.*

I can be better than that. But I almost wasn't.

Odd day today, not (thank goodness) for any huge reason. Work involved a sudden, unexpected research project where I figured out that we'd missed something pretty significant, but that can get fixed starting tomorrow. It's something big that I didn't see the pattern of until today. At least someone saw it. And that I wasn't too bleary-eyed by the end of looking into it.

I wasn't the best at interpersonal, co-worker relations stuff today, either, and I know how to do better at that. So today: not my proudest moments.

The moment I almost blogged about was something on the bus home that made me go "Huh?" But thinking about it a little more, I could better understand why it had happened, and blogging about it, on some level, would have required me actively not understanding it. AND I CAN BE BETTER THSN THAT.

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