Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"Indiana Jones and the Doom Commute" is too easy


(If you say "Generalissimo Francisco Franco," you're wrong, but amusingly so.)

Nearly hit twice this morning near SE 72nd and Harold. Thank everything I've learned to be a defensive, alert walker because I saw one eastbound car heading up Harold reasonably fast for Harold and I thought Probably turning left. So while I had the crosswalk sign saying I was OK to cross 72nd (and I had the incentive of the westbound #10 bus I'd wanted to get on being right there at the bus stop), I decided to wait. Good thing, too, because the car driver did exactly what I thought the driver would do, and right-of-way is not as important as staying alive. Traffic moved, the light changed, the bus left, but I was only few blocks from a #14 bus stop on Foster which I can also take, so I safely crossed, stopped in front of the mailbox where I dropped off a bill, turned left to head up the sidewalk towards Foster and SOME PICKUP STARTS TO TURN RIGHT TOWARDS ME TO GET INTO THE GAS STATION LOT. No warning, either. Certainly no signal, and (again) thank everything the driver saw me and stopped.

Standoff. It was brief because I shouted "Go on" and waited for that driver to pull into the lot. He did. Once we were no longer in each other's way or looking at each other, I clenched my fist in a coat pocket and made a strangled noise, but at least I didn't yell "ARE PEOPLE TRYING TO KILL ME?!"

I continue to not die on my way to work.
Tags: peregrinations, work

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