Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The non-football parts of my weekend

So. A weekend not complicated by snow and ice being dumped on it. Also a bright-skied Sunday, so today I did a few minutes of sunbathing. Meaning I stood outside of the house and held out my bare arms, especially the insides of each arm which gets less light. (It helps, both having plenty of sun today and knowing each day is getting overall brighter...)

Before that, on Saturday, I did my monthly reasonably-deep cleaning of a room in the house (either the kitchen or the main bathroom, depending on the month; this month it's the bathroom), and treated myself afterwards at Big-Ass Sandwiches. Because Brian and Lisa are longtime metal fans, their special until today was "No Voices In the Sky," to pay tribute to Motörhead's late Lemmy Kilmeister. Their sandwich: smoked pork chop and Gouda cheese, homemade Jack Daniels whiskey sauce, and grilled onions, with fries either in the sandwich (as I had it) or on the side. I also got to visit both Lisa and Brian, who were both at the shop. It had been a while since I'd seen them.

After that, I was in a mood to wander, but in warmth since it was getting colder out, so I walked the few blocks from Big-Ass Sandwiches to the 60th Ave./North Mount Tabor MAX station. I'd decided to take whichever eastbound train showed up first and ride it for a bit. Had it been the Green Line, I'd've ridden back to near my neighborhood; had it been the Blue, I'd've gone some of the way towards or all the way to Gresham. Since it was the Red, I went to the airport. I visit airports sometimes just to visit them; been doing that since I lived near Dulles Airport near D.C., and PDX is a comforting airport to visit. I sat and read, because no, I wasn't going to take an impromptu flight...but hey, now that sounds kind of fun...
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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