Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The football parts of my weekend

Quick thoughts on the NFL's Wild Card games:

  • Chiefs-Texans was more involving than its 30-0 score would make you think.

  • I saw the last quarter of Steelers-Bengals at Big-Ass Sandwiches, updating Lisa since she can't see the restaurant TV from the kitchen. (By the way, I really like that BAS won't ever have the TV on just to have it on, unlike so many (too many) restaurants and bars...) We were both rooting for the Bengals, mainly due to not liking the Steelers -- seriously, about the only person I liked on the team was Troy Polamalu, and he's retired -- and oh, we were really hopeful that the Bengals would keep that sudden lead at the end. Except the Bengals screwed themselves with first not getting that two-point conversion, then penalty-playing the Steelers to within distance of getting a field goal that the Steelers indeed got. Oh, well.

  • Seattle Seahawks-Minnesota Vikings: LUCKY WINS COUNT THE SAME AS WELL-PLAYED WINS. But a well-played win (not reliant on the Vikings' poor Blair Walsh shanking that field goal left of the uprights) would've felt better.

  • But that kick did give us this:

  • Washington-Green Bay: I was kind of a 'Skins-fan-by-osmosis during the late 80s when I lived in Northern Virginia, and an actual following fan in the 1991-92 season, the one they ended by winning the Super Bowl for (so far) the last time. I've wanted to follow/ root for them again, but owner Dan Snyder's tone-deafness and jerkiness are the big reasons I don't. (Former owner Jack Kent Cooke was a jerk, but he was more fun.) Meanwhile, while I'm not a fan of the Green Bay Packers, I respect them. So I feel OK about Green Bay handily winning this...and I'll hope Washington becomes a team I feel OK about again. (Broken-record time: THEY NEED A NEW NAME. I honestly still kind of like "Washington Red Tails"...)

  • I feel superstitious enough that I will make no predictions of where the playoffs go from here. 'Course, I'm lousy at predictions anyway.

  • I am, however, looking forward to George R.R. Martin's thoughts on this weekend's games and his predictions, now that he's reached the stage of "my favorite teams aren't in the running, so I can just enjoy good games as good games..."
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