Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A few days' worth of catch-up

General update time!:

  • Work is work. It happens.

  • And last week's work had longer days than normal, because we worked longer hours to hit a midweek deadline. Result was that I hit 40 hours of work at 2:15 on Friday the 2nd. How did I celebrate? By walking. Because it was a nice afternoon, that's why. I walked up to the Streetcar on SW 10th, rode it to NW 21st, and walked around that neighborhood. I used to work just north of there, in 2012 when I was at the print shop; a good number of area buildings were new to me, though the warehouse that Leverage pretended to blow up is still there. Also there was this, which I picked up:

    After walking a little more, I hopped a convenient #77 bus and headed east, and walked and bussed down NE 82nd Ave. because I am fine with walking many places, even less picturesque ones like 82nd. (It's not a pretty street. In NE or in SE.)

  • Saturday was a nice social time, at the same place at different times. The barbers I usually go to have moved from their former shop on Foster to a new place, Southeast Barber Co. in the 5500 block of SE Woodstock. I made my fist trip there early Saturday afternoon, visited the guys, and got my hair cut; later in the evening, I came back for the grand opening get-together the barbers and their families hosted. Food, drinks, visiting, videogame-playing (they have Star Wars Trilogy and Dig Dug in a side room), and good vibes: yes! And like the old location, this one's within walking distance. Yes, this is important to me. *smiles*

  • Today was mostly resting, especially at day's end because my back is surprisingly a little achey; not sure what I did to it, but I've been resting and even took painkillers. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it's OK for me to use painkillers. There was football (I lucked into watching the surprising ending of New England-vs-Denver, one of those can-be-fun sports moments where a game comes down to one play) and a quick grocery run, one I'm proud to say I saved 28% on. Oh, and there was fish. Good impulse buy while grocery shopping.

  • Was this general enough? "I did stuff! And things!"

    Have a good week, y'all.
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