Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

1) Get job 2) Do job 3) Hope no one is saying "I know he can GET the job, but can he DO the job?"

Here's why I'm a little nervous: I'm applying for a new job. I'm doing this right after finishing another job. I know, I know, "look for a job while you have a job," that's the old saw. I've always felt weird about that; I've felt at some subliminal level like I'm asking for the trouble of whatever current employer I have going You're better than this place? Go be better somewhere else, you're fired. Which is irrational and dumb, and I've finally realized it's irrational and dumb now that I've put that worry into words. BLOGGING HELPS, Y'ALL.

I got notice two weeks ago that the current assignment was ending Friday the 5th and, I'm glad to say, people at the place encouraged me to apply for permanent work at the same place. Which I can, and I have. There are circumstances of this change that I would rather not get into blog-publicly at the moment (I just thought of that distinction; I have talked to a few people in person about it, and that feels best for right now), but I feel better about my current chances of finding something fairly quickly. I feel this won't be a seven-week or longer gap in my working time.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to treat this like a break. Which I haven't really had since the last period in-between jobs, the seven weeks I referred to, from early May well into June of last year. Which didn't really feel like a vacation at the time. I hope I can make this feel like one. For a bit. And also meanwhile, I'll see about turning "applying for a job" into "applying for jobs," which increases the chances OF getting a job. That's how it works, right? *grins*

Meanwhile, there's food to be eaten, walking to be done, a Big Game to watch (something about owls, right?), and sleeping in to do! The sleeping in will be tomorrow. I didn't go late by my weekend standards this morning...
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