Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Poem: "Goals" (2/6/16)

by Christopher Walsh, 2/6/2016

So well-read, you're book-deep:
Grabbing the thought-strands from author after author,
conveniently packaged between covers
(or web page, wherever words can live)
then conveniently kept in your mind, for pulling and re-weaving
until new thought-strands grow —

Trusting the mind, your idea incubator, to grow well-thought-out thoughts -
(Previous minds figured out computers, horse-taming, how to stop invisible creatures from making us sick, and turning rice into food.)

Willing, able and unafraid to talk, engage, connect -
glimpse others' thought-strands, maybe add to them
maybe amuse people, maybe flirt (even better),
maybe make them feel better for the encounter/engagement —

Staying, yourself, amused, defending your mood and psyche through humor and the skill to, still, chuckle;
and because a truly strong laugh is good exercise —

Remembering that many acts, not just laughs, are good exercise —

Using fear/potential fear for good, for gain: leaving your comfort zone can surprise in the best ways (or at least show you what to do once) —


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