Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Written two years ago and still apropos

From my Facebook on Feb. 9th, 2014:

Listening to "TMZ," Weird Al's version of Taylor Swift's "You Belong To Me," I imagined Swift singing Al's lyrics in concert instead of hers. I liked that: it'd be a nice "screw you, gossip rags" moment, and Swift seems to have enough of a sense of humor to do it that way.

So I wonder: do any singers or bands ever do Weird Al's versions of their songs? I know one sort of does: when The Presidents of the United States of America play "Lump," they replace their last line with the last line from Al's "Gump." I also once heard that Don McLean, who OK'd Al redoing "American Pie" as "The Saga Begins," likes Al's version but also sometimes comes THISCLOSE to singing Al's lines in concert instead of his. But I really hope someone does Al's version of a song, full-throated and fully in on the joke.

This is brought to you by my continued hope that someday, Bob Dylan (or at least Tom Petty) will sing this:


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