Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

So much depends / On a sandwich bag of labels / Sent to a school / (probably with no chickens)

It has to've been more than 20 months since I'd done this, since until today I'd never done it at the current house: I donated my Labels For Education labels to a school. That's been my occasional habit for years, to accumulate a bunch then drop them off at an elementary school nearby. I think I've done so since the late '90s in Hermiston, Oregon, when I covered schools for the Hermiston Herald. At the Brooklyn neighborhood apartment where I lived from 2002 to 2014, I was within walking distance of two elementary schools; one was just one block up from me. Easy to do, in other words. I just hadn't done it since moving to this house, but hey, there are two other elementary schools within walking distance of this place, and I was available on a day that school was in session so... I find out that, at least at the Arleta School on SE 66th, that the school's gotten almost none of these lately.

The people in the office really thanked me, and pointed out that donations of those had "dried up" and that my sandwich baggie of them would really help. I certainly hope so, I have to hope that more people are donating these too? IT'S EASY; even non-parent me is moved to do it.

We'll see what happens next donation. Eventually. Before (say) news breaks like SUPERFLU FOUND TRANSMITTED BY SOUP LABELS, ENTIRE WORLD ABANDONS CANS.

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