Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

This entry was written Wednesday, Feb. 17th, 2016.

Back-dating is magic.

Anyway, I chose this day as a day to go back and do an entry to note the nice meal I and my then-co-workers at CLEAResult had that day. We hit a major deadline in January (hit it LIKE A BOSS), and our bosses as a thank-you treated us to Stir Fresh Mongolian Grill not far from the office. (Also across the street from the Yamhill Pub, if you know your Portland dive bars.) It's one of those places where you gather your preferred meats and/or veggies and/or noodles, and a team cooks them all on a large, circular grill where you can watch your food become edible. And tasty! Me being me, I got ALL OF THE ABOVE (meat, including fish; veggies; noodles), two bowls' worth of nosh. Though it seemed to shrink a bit during cooking, but it was still a full, satisfying meal. So was the egg drop soup (self-serve! First time I think I've ever been in a restaurant that did that), hot tea, and the little cup of ice cream that was included in the price of the meal.

It was also a full, satisfying visit with co-workers.

Good use of an hour: having a treat with good people.

I won't make a habit of backdating entries; this is an exception, one that amuses me.

And since it's work-related, it's a nice Note To Self that I've done good work. Nice to be reminded of this.
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