Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

One wrong turn deserves a re-done trip

Thursday, I hiked. It's good Portland is a good hiking town. I bussed and Maxed to Washington Park — here are pictures (you'll just have to assume it's me shooting them) — and got my first slight sunburn of 2016. Worth it. I had no particular destination, but hoped to get to the International Rose Test Gardens; I've driven there before, and ridden the Oregon Zoo train there before*, but never walked to them as far as I can remember.

I didn't make it there. I made wrong turns. My final wrong turn, I went The heck with it, I'll walk back to downtown and headed north at the intersection of SW Fairview Blvd. and Kingston Ave. If I'd turned south, HELLO GARDENS (and the tennis courts and the amphitheater next to them). So while it had been a nice hike on a nice day, it felt slightly incomplete.

I've also been itching to drive. So today I went back, by car this time, and with a map to be more sure. And, happily, there was room to park and, even now, in February, the scent of blooming. Not much to see, bloom-wise, but just wait. There. Itch to see a cool Portland view, scratched.

I drove more after that, which may have been less good of an idea because I got back to Portland by early rush hour, but it was also worth it because I scenic-drove out to the Hillsboro Sonic for late lunch. Yes, I will make special trips for Sonic.

* Can't do that at the moment: the Zoo Train is closed for construction until May, and will run for a while on a shorter loop that doesn't go near the station overlooking the Test Gardens. More repair work is needed first. And now I really want to ride the Zoo Train again.
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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