Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Filling in the blanks of the week

Hello from my bedroom, where I have succeeded in having some naps. (Seriously, I sometimes have trouble napping, but I've managed it a couple of times this week.) Today I woke up pre-dawn, went out to the family room to sit and read for a bit, then decided to sleep some more, which I could probably use. Now it's a good time to say what else I've been doing — i.e. not yet blogged about.

No new job yet, so that's still in progress.

I'm getting out at least. Monday night I attended a free comedy night that happens each week in a restaurant/bar called East Burn. It's hosted by local comic Barbara Holm; I first saw her perform a set at last summer's tenth anniversary Can't Stop the Serenity charity event. Here, Holm can be more R-rated (hey, it's a bar) and so can the several other comics she booked. A comedy multi-pack! I am not yet a good critic/analyzer of stand-up comedy, but I laughed, and that's the goal, right?

Tuesday, a blustery day, was also the day I was able to sit in on one of the podcasts I listen to. Cool!

Wednesday was pretty quiet: it was a "go to the corner coffee shop and also walk around nearby a bit" day.

Thursday, not only did I hike a nice hike, I also went to the fourth (with more to come) Funemployment Radio Bingo Night, held as before at Landmark Saloon. Greg and Sarah leveled up on fancy: instead of printed cards, they'd gotten slide cards that can be used over and over. They looked kind of like this, except with the logo of the night's sponsor, Pabst Blue Ribbon, printed on it. (The first three Bingo Nights were sponsored by Small Town Brewery; the upcoming fifth Bingo Night will be sponsored by Rainier. Brew tour!) And I came SOOOOOOOOO CLOOOOOOOSE to winning: in the second round's first game, I had three rows (THREE) where I'd gotten four of the five needed numbers before someone got their fifth number. I AM NOT BITTER. (I find it funny to pretend I am bitter.) Anyway, a good night!

Friday was driving, garden-visiting, and Hillsboro-visiting, because yes I like Sonic.

And today's been...well, that's how I started this entry, you know.

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