Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

How my mind works, word-making edition

So I wrote this entry last night, and scheduled it to auto-post this morning. I chose a time when I was likely to be up, and when I was (about 10 minutes before it posted) I cracked Good, posting it while I was asleep would've seemed like I was lying.

Erm. Um, why, Me? Do I need to act like every word I've written was written Right Then at the time I posted? I did that entry this way because no matter what, I'd get more readers for it in the morning than at midnight my time (3 a.m. the time for a lot of people who follow me); it's nice to get read. I know blogging doesn't get large readership anymore, but that's fine: another reason I post is to track my life, and time-shifting those thoughts by a few hours isn't a huge shift. (I deliberately wrote this Feb. 4th entry weeks later and back-posted it on the day I should've written and posted it, but mainly because it amused me to do so. That's bigger time-shifting, enough that I won't make a habit of it. That would seem to me like lying.)

But why worry about that time-shift? Written words are MADE to time-shift. They're good at it. It's a feature, not a bug. Dickens wasn't written RIGHT NOW. He's dead, but his words are alive. The Fisher King myth (what we have of it) was written nearly a thousand years ago, and are still useful words now. Hell, same with Gilgamesh (more words found recently!). Our words don't have to be that deathless, but it'd be nice if they were. And some will be.

Still, this is how much I worry of being thought I'm lying. So much that I get angst about words I wrote going public mere hours after I started writing them. (Hi. I'm good at angst.)

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