Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A day of awkward

Today: the sort of day where it felt like a victory when I was writing a poem, needed to rhyme "waist," and did not rhyme it with "haste."

I take my victories where I can get them.*

About half of today felt "off." A good chunk of this week has felt "off." I was feeling awkward, to the point where I wondered if today I should limit my in-person interactions with people. This morning I treated myself to late breakfast out and nearly dropped my food when the worker at Henry Higgins' Boiled Bagels handed it to me. OK, me, I thought, take it easy, and I have. Thank goodness I could do most of what I did today while a cat was in my lap; in other news, I spent time with a cat in my lap.

I am getting by.

* "Haste" seemed way too easy a rhyme, is the thing. (I used "chased." That felt more right.)

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