Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

While I haven't been here

Highlights of this period where I haven't been posting to this blog:

  • Not being sick!

  • Sun! And warmth! At once! Again!

  • Getting around Portland! Yesterday afternoon I simply walked and rode, and wound up in 1) the Moreland neighborhood near where I used to live, 2) OHSU, not for health or "visiting sick friends" reasons but because I used to work there and I still find it a comforting place, 3) the OHSU Aerial Tram (first trip in a while — maybe a few years), and 4) O'Malley's pub near my home, because two friends of mine (and their cute young daughter) had a going-away party.

  • Getting to play Bingo! Once more! Greg and Sarah of Funemployment Radio hosted their latest one Thursday night, and I was one of lots of people who attended. And though I was too slow to realize it before someone else did, I DID ACTUALLY WIN A ROUND OF BINGO. But, again, I didn't realize it until more than a minute after someone else had called "Bingo!" from their card. I'd've felt weird going "Um, Bingo too!"

    Clearly I do not have the lightning reflexes necessary for Bingo.

    But it was a good time at Landmark Saloon, and I was happy to pass along more collections of Neil Gaiman and Company's Sandman comic to Greg and Sarah, who are very enthusiastically reading the series for the first time. "I'm the best kind of enabler!," I told them.
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