Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Food that doesn't hate me

I really, really like rice.

For a while, I wasn't eating rice.

After it happened enough for me to test it and see, I tested and saw: I had some sort of reaction to rice if I ate it for dinner. That reaction: being kind of sore the next morning. I'd rather not be sore (or too sore). So I finished the rice I had, and kept not buying rice.

Apparently I react to only certain kinds of gluten, maybe, somehow? Pasta is fine, for instance — I've tested that, too — so it's like my body is picking and choosing what it'll react to. (Milk with lactose doesn't agree with me anymore, either, but lactose-free milk is fine. So's ice cream. I CAN STILL HAVE ICE CREAM.)

Further testing told me that at least rice for lunch is fine, though. Yes, I have rice in my pantry again, and I realized: why not rice for breakfast, also? I mean, how much of the population of the world has rice for breakfast? Likely a lot!

In other news, today I had rice for breakfast. Now you know more.
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