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Amazingly coincidentally, today's (apparently) Nat'l Unicorn Day!


* * *

Maddened unicorns!
So mad they use their horns to
Scratch out graffiti.

Maddened unicorns!
They hate that they never got
Wings. (They'd be useful.)

Maddened unicorns!
Wish they were portrayed more like
Cabin in the Woods.

Maddened unicorns! Not, in fact, angry, but
Just disappointed.

Maddened unicorns!
They wish they'd known virgin meat
Tastes like any meat.

Madden unicorns!
They took to playing football
Like magic Bart Starrs!

Maddened unicorns!
No one hires them for their
Sick D.J. scratch skills.

Maddened unicorns!
— so they registered to vote
And did so like mad.

Fattened unicorns!
Not to be confused with Kate
's "Fat Pony."

Maddened unicorns!
Low ceilings cause discomfort
From so much kneeling.

Zombie unicorns!
Horse jaws crush skulls just like that.
...seriously. CRUNCH.

* * *
Tags: poetical

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