Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Also the dream claimed my friend Scott Dally had been on LJ, but I don't think he ever was.

Some people don't dream in color. I usually don't dream in LiveJournal.

But last night I did: going over pages and pages of comments to find out some Important! Dramatic! Drama! that had happened on them because someone had said that I needed to know about that Important! Dramatic! Drama!...and after a bit of searching (reading the LJ pages as they were projected on a giant monitor, which was cool) I realized that it couldn't have been Important! Dramatic! Drama! that had involved me because each page was from before I'd joined LiveJournal.

LJ, of course, was founded in 1999. I probably first learned about LJ in 2002. I joined in September 2004, and honestly originally didn't think I'd actually blog; mainly I didn't want to have to be an anonymous commenter on friends' LJs. Obviously things changed. Helped that I, apparently, had stuff to say. *smiles*

The dream made me ponder that by not joining LJ in '99, I potentially missed out on five years of easily keeping track of my life, but I also missed out on five years of potential drama. Important! Dramatic! Drama!

(Lego Batman would totally have had an LJ, I just decided.)
Tags: dreams

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