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Poetry point!

Once, I wrote:


...There. That's the shortest poem ever. (It says everything in it!)

I was feeling cheeky.

But poetry needs more. Poetry uses the (you hope) minimum number of words for the (you hope) maximum amount of impact — most explanations of poems would have to be longer than the poems themselves, unless you're talking either epic poems like those we got from Homer and Virgil, or badly written poems (let's not go there) — i.e., it's more distilled than prose.

But there's still a lot of poetry. A lot. Plenty to read, and first you have to find it.

So I did! And condensed them. Following is a collection of every poem ever written:


...I said I'd condensed them, didn't I? Just zoom in! More than that. No, more than that. No, more than...
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