Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I did taxes; then two people taxed me

There have to be people who figure their taxes on January 1st, right?

I have yet to be that person. I think the earliest I've done taxes is in March. I did mine, on and off, from Friday to Saturday. There. Done. I have angst over mine even though they're simple; sympathy for anyone who has complicated taxes, especially the authors and other artists I know who need to do them quarterly. Oy.

Because of the principle of the thing, I decided to drop off my federal and state returns yesterday, to get them postmarked two days before the April 18th deadline instead of the day of. So after compiling the last of the paperwork then copying it for my records (a production of its own — I went to two places to do it because the first place was 25¢ per copy which was more than I had change for, and the second place's copier didn't work until a librarian made it work), I decided to go to NW Portland's big main post office where it'd get postmarked as late as 9 p.m. I had more time than money, at least right then (heh), so I bussed downtown.

I ran into people during that: first a friend named Joe who's a tour guide — we recognized each other and waved as we passed on different sides of a Pearl District street — then, There was this other guy. I'd gone into Powell's City of Books to look around, and in the southeast lobby, a sitting guy noticed my Axe Cop T-shirt. He said it was cool, and asked what it was. When I moved closer to tell him, he listened for a few seconds then pulled out his smartphone and opened an image of...something violent. Something posed, I think (and hope), but violent. I looked away before I could see anything more specific, and I said "Um, why did you show me that?" The guy sort of apologized, but: really? Ew. I finished talking to him then casually fled. Yes that's possible.

And that's not even a fraction of the harassment some people, especially many women, get. People sometimes make me hate people. (Another guy I met on the bus home kept asking me if I could buy food for him; then we got off at the same stop, him from the front of the bus and me from the middle, and he asked again. I emphatically said "No" and did my best to get away from him. NOT IN THE MOOD. I wasn't being very compassionate. I understand that. I wanted to establish boundaries.)

But. The taxes got done and sent. Today I got another job done (I cleaned the kitchen), then rewarded myself with coffee at one place and Mexican food at another. And this weekend's weather has been warm and nice. I'm inclined to be warm now, so: thumbs up.
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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