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Attempted Song

Poem-writing and song-writing are overlapping, but not quite the same, skills. Not all songs can be poems and not all poems can be songs. I have more experience with poems than songs, but this (inspired by an exchange on Facebook with my friend aoniedesade) felt like it should be a song. Country, I think. So: a few verses and a chorus for what would be my first country tune:

"Out-of-town Tacos," by Christopher Walsh (started 4/27/2016)

"Open," it says — the neon is a sign
It grabs my eye so I slow down
Pull off, pull in, and get out on
The side of a road I rarely take

Just enough light, here out of the sun
Booths worn just right, with a worthwhile special special scrawled on a board*
And there's you, relaxed, unexpected and welcome
Raising your glass — it glints like your eyes

It's your spot, but I'll stop
For out-of-town tacos and cold pop
And your spot is worth a stop
Whether the trip is long or a short hop

Quiet or bustlin', it's all good here
You're welcomed, I'm welcomed, it's welcoming
We connect over plates and bowls of good eats
It looks like comfort, like a place could hug


I liked that writing exercise.

And no, I don't have a tune for it. Or a bridge. I can learn more about this craft, and this restaurant could be described more...

* I wrote the struck-through section first, then came up with the other version of the line. I slightly prefer the later version, but wanted to show both.