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Thanks for helping me remember, blog!

I can be specific: today I rode to the easternmost MAX stop. The last time I did that was Monday, July 7th, 2008. I know because I remembered that the day I did that was the day I read almost all of a novel.

Memory sometimes snaps into place like that.

I was killing time that Monday eight years ago, before road-tripping to Seattle the next day, and riding MAX with a book was a good way to do that. I had a worn copy of Steve Alten's MEG, the science fiction/horror novel about a giant shark. (A film version's about to get made, starring Jason Statham, somehow not as the shark. MAYBE HE'LL PUNCH THE SHARK.) MEG was a breeze to power through; and the Cleveland Ave. MAX station was one of the places I read it that day. (Brooklyn School Park was another, as that was the park nearest my apartment.)

I didn't finish MEG that day, but I came cloooooose. And the next day I successfully got to Seattle (in fact I got a speeding ticket. Argh) and stayed until Thursday the 10th, having good times like this (and starting my second read of Stephen King's The Stand).

Anyway. Bussing, MAX-ing, and reading happened today, too. This time the book is the science fiction novel Shades of Milk and Honey by Mary Robinette Kowal, who writes Jane Austen-style stories where magic exists. Trying something different, since obviously "read while on a train"'s been done...