Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Big-Ass Memories

Like May 2nd, 2009, when I met Lisa Wood at a preview of the 2009 Star Trek hosted by her then-employer, rock station KUFO (which no longer exists; it left the air in 2011 and its call letters now belong to an AM talk station).

Like Dec. 22nd of that year, their second day open and my first lunch there, soon after I'd started working for the construction company.

Like me, post-blood donation, eating at the Old Town cart on July 10th, 2010, when they were filming their ad. (Here's the Not Safe For Work version of that ad. Trust me, NSFW.)

Like me dork-dancing at the first anniversary party (pics there! Words here):

Like attending their even bigger second anniversary party, with comedy by Ian Karmel and Ron Funches before they started working in Hollywood, comedy by Brian Posehn who already was working in Hollywood, and music by Portland's Red Fang.

Like working the window four times in late spring 2012:

Me on my shift at Big-Ass Sandwiches: Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Like seeing, and eating at, Jones Bar, the bar that succeeded McFadden's in Old Town Chinatown and which initially had a Brian Wood-designed menu. (He helped remodel the huge kitchen, too, and showed me around the bar while he was working on it.)


L to R behind me: Keegan Fuller, Trevan Meador, Quinton Gardner (pointing to Patton Oswalt's torso), Joey Crittenden, Patton Oswalt, Ryan Pollard.  Photo by Lisa Wood.

Like following them to their other locations: Central Eastside, near Produce Row Café and the Burnside Skateyard, starting in October 2012; the brief-lived N. Mississippi Ave. location, their second cart until they sold it; Carts on Foster not far from my then-new home in spring 2015; and of course the brick-and-mortar at NE 57th and Glisan a year ago. (Carts on Foster had a special place for me not just because of its proximity, but because of a barbecue meal I had with Brian and Lisa in January of that year, when they were looking into moving the cart there. A nice chat when they were "off the clock," though still thinking about the business because they needed to.)

There are more memories. There should be after seven years. I'll think on them and smile.

And I'll find other sources of memories now.

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