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I can write about anger. (A poem)

Character study in the latest poem. Anyone noting that the point-of-view of this person is unfair will be told "That's the point." In fact, why not, at least for now, the title's...

By Christopher Walsh, 6/6/2016-6/8/2016

I know exactly what to say
To make you hate me.
I know exactly how to bait
You 'til you seethe.
Ev'ry weak spot in your defenses,
Ev'ry blindness you've ignored,
I could hit at with force,
Show you've said what's senseless.
I want to prove you're wrong.
I know so in my bones.
And I can smash through like King Kong,
Demolish with my "pwns." *
Do I get angry, do I anger,
Do I scorch the Earth?
Do I burn away the mirth
We've shared in times of languor?
It's tempting. I'd feel correct.
I could be right at all costs.
I could want to risk the loss,
A friendship, directly wrecked.
I've soured after many days;
I'll let warm feelings flee.
I'll burn you down in ev'ry way
— the unfair life's for me.

* "The term [pwn] implies domination or humiliation of a rival..."