Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Walking, "Tombstone," and a nice surprise

Some of what I've been up to:

• Ducking and dodging weather. It's almost been bipolar weather here in Portland: warm and dry one day, cold and storming another. Flashes of summer and flashes of lightning, depending on the day.

• Walking. Dozens of blocks Friday afternoon, for instance, to make up for recent days when I didn't walk much. I visited the Central Eastside lot where the original Big-Ass Sandwiches cart was based from fall 2012 to early 2015; the cart had to move for a beer garden not there yet, nearly a year-and-a-half later. No restaurant that the beer garden was going to be a part of, either. Not yet an inviting place. Hrm. I WANT MORE PLACES TO BE INVITING. OK, that was not an expected rant.

• Saw a free screening Friday night of Tombstone hosted by Reverend Nat's, a brewery. The people I know from Geek in the City Radio had arranged the screening to record a commentary for the film; I wasn't able to hear most of their commentary, but Tombstone is always worth watching. (It was a true word-of-mouth hit, too; it was dumped into theaters with no press screenings in late 1993, but did well enough that Siskel & Ebert broke their usual pattern and reviewed it after the film had already been out for a couple of weeks.) Being a brewery, it was a little cold inside, so I was glad I had my coat. And before the film, I felt social enough to visit with several people, and listen in on (among other things) a discussion of the free tours one of the best-known Nevada brothels has. Likely something I'd never experience, for a tour or otherwise, so I can just imagine touring it instead...

• Attended my first-ever surprise party. Last night my friend Ryan had arranged the party for his wife (also a good person and a friend) Kristen, and Ryan managed to preserve the surprise even though Kristen came home early; he got enough warning that he could put away a bunch of party items he'd staged (he had to put some of the party stuff in the clothes dryer) and act like nothing was up when she showed up. Luckily no guests were there yet, but family members Kristen wasn't expecting that day drove past while she was home. He saw them, she didn't, and they knew to divert and wait until later. It was like a French farce. Then a friend of Kristen's got her out of the house once more, Ryan put the party goods out again, people finally showed up, and it worked! And then it was a nice, relaxing party.

Tried going home. Yes, tried. I stayed at Ryan and Kristen's until late, said goodbye, walked to the nearest bus line (a major one), and checked the schedule by phone to find out the next bus wouldn't be for three hours, once morning service had started. Oops. The next-nearest bus line, I found out, wouldn't start for four hours. LUCKILY RYAN AND KRISTEN HAD ALREADY LET ME KNOW I COULD CRASH ON A SOFA IF I NEEDED TO, so I slightly sheepishly walked back. We (me, the couple and one other couple) closed the night listening to the RiffTrax commentary on the Jaws ripoff The Last Shark. Thank goodness that didn't affect my dreams; thank goodness I dreamed. I was sleeping deeply enough!

• Got home. Hi. And got to see some of the Portland Pride parade as I bussed through downtown. Friends of mine were among the crowd. I hope it was the celebration they needed.
Tags: peregrinations, portland, radio

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