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The poetry increases

This blog wasn't originally going to be a blog.

My big motivation for starting this LJ account in September 2004 was so I'd no longer have to post anonymously on friends' accounts. Blogging, I figured, would be a bonus, and I took a while to make that my habit. But I figured if I blogged, I'd like to blog more poetically — maybe actual poetry, maybe blogs with more poetic language.

The first original poem-thing I wrote here was this bit of doggerel in Feb. 2005. (I'd previously posted an earlier piece, from 2001.) Blogging qua blogging took hold, and became a big deal for me. Still is, though I certainly don't post as often now. And as time has passed, both poetry and poetic language have become more important to me. I like the training, the word-discipline (say more with less; it's doable), and — when it's good — the effect. (I can still be silly, too.)

And a benefit of poem-writing: I feel it makes me less likely to repeat myself. I've never wanted to write, essentially, the same blog posts repeatedly, but that's a risk, especially after so many years of doing it. Life patterns can lead to writing patterns. Poem-writing, I hope, breaks that up.

I have no idea what I'll write next, blog-wise or poem-wise. I'll enjoy finding out.