Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Blood flow is important.

Don't worry, this is about circulation, not about any other way blood flows.

This morning I woke up, much earlier than normal and also uncomfortable. I'd also slept on my left hand in a way that put it to sleep, and — new to me — was bent. I could straighten it out, and while that didn't hurt (it would've been a bad sign if it had hurt), the hand wanted to bend again after I'd let go.

Quarter to 5:00 in the morning after not sleeping well is a frustrating time for something like that. I was out of it, barely awake, and worried: why bent? Am I...broken? Finally it hit me that it was probably a blood flow issue, so I started to massage my wrist. My hand started to feel closer to normal. A relief.

But an "off" start to my day. I got a little more rest, but I didn't get restorative sleep, and it took a while (plus food and coffee — I spent the morning out with friends at a coffee shop) to stop feeling out of it.

Here's to a better, more comfortable night.

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