Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Haiku roundup

I've been enjoying writing haikus lately. Do one, get an idea or an image out quickly, and move onto something else, maybe another haiku. (I once interviewed a professor named Mark Hamilton who in the late Nineties recreated Lewis and Clark's expedition on boat, on foot, and at times with a pack mule traveling with him. While traveling on a small boat or while camping, he said, he'd occupy himself "by writing, say, a hundred haikus." I've always remembered that. That's doable.)

Here's a batch, from the past week or so (copyright Christopher Walsh 2016):

Now! Do! Breathe! Eat! Touch!
Feel! Sense! Learn! Know! Learn more!
To understand: act!

Air runs into you
Ever-touching, rough or soft,
And simply runs past.

A series of tubes
Neon- and argon-infused
Proclaim truth: "OPEN."

Water's meant to move
As gravity compels it
Evermore downward

Boat-less dock awaits
A sailor's return — or a
Young kid's jump lake-ward

Go ahead. Hug. Yes.
Embrace your need to embrace
One who needs hugs, too.

Never a straight path
Walking your dog — but you trend
Towards a happy dog.
Tags: poetical

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