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From the depths of my night stand

A night stand can only hold so much. Today I was in a cleaning mood and decided my night stand should hold less. There was some trash and to-be-recycled paper in there; there also were some neat surprises. Like this postcard that's a couple decades old:

I'm guessing that's circa 1991/92; I'm not sure. I am sure when I got these badges, though:

SUMMER 1992. I remember it well. I've said before that between senior year of high school and going to Oregon for college, I volunteered at the Air & Space Museum's "Star Trek: The Exhibition," marking the 25th anniversary of Trek. It ran for 11 months in 1991 and '92; had it stayed open one more month, the exhibit would have had one million visitors. I took passes, helped traffic flow through the fairly small exhibit space, and talked Trek with people. I worked the day when Visitor #500,000 entered — thank goodness, a fan of both the original series and The Next Generation. Bases covered. (This was before Deep Space 9.)

The next two badges are for something else really neat: one day that Labor Day weekend in 1992, in a tent on the then-vacant lot now home to the National Museum of the American Indian, the Air & Space Museum hosted a demonstration of Mars rover prototypes. Some rovers were toy-sized; one was a full 18 feet tall. Another was a long, thin balloon dragging a sensor tube. They walked through a large sandbox of red-tinted rocks. And I got to watch. I GOT TO WATCH, and help out. And I didn't know it, but scientists were five years away from first doing that for real with Mars Pathfinder.

I'll share two more finds:

The top badge is for my volunteer gig from 2001 to 2005, at Portland Center for the Performing Arts (now Portland'5), where I was a tour guide and runner for several performance spaces. The bottom badge is for the trip I won to the 2010 San Diego ComiCon, which was amazing and overwhelming. I've blogged about it.

Here's to stuff that reminds you of good memories.
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