Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Four days worth updating: Wednesday through Saturday

Current life has none of the bad kind of exciting. It's not very exciting in general, which in a way is OK. Some of what I've been up to:

• Had (hey, I can call it) a Walking Wednesday! First I made sure to get out in the morning, and walked about 25 blocks — from Mt. Scott Park on the south to Holgate Blvd. on the north. Walked more in the evening, plus alternating with buses as I often do, and paid my first visit in a few weeks to the Belmont Goats.

• Spent Thursday mainly at home (where food and wifi are) — I could've gone out, for instance to First Thursday, but realized I wasn't in the mood to deal with too many people in person.

• I was more active Friday: going for my first time to a particular coffee shop on Belmont St., to try something different for breakfast, then spending the afternoon doing cleaning chores. Due to non-typical circumstances, I did more cleaning than usual, tackling both the kitchen and the bathroom. I hope I'm getting better at making both places cleaner. Yes, I mopped. It's possible. And I took myself out for a burger and a beer at the corner bar because I felt I'd earned that.

• I spent much of today out: the gallery I often go to for First Thursday, Sequential Art Gallery (run by Kaebel Hashitani and Merrick Monroe), also has Saturday hours, so I made up for not getting to this month's First Thursday by going there today. This month's featured artist is Tyler Crook, of the horror comic Harrow County. Merrick was at the gallery for part of the time, and said that when he was a kid in a remote part of Virginia, Crook and other kids believed a man lived secretly under their house...which their parents tut-tutted until Crook's dad went under the house and found that YES A MAN HAD SECRETLY BEEN LIVING UNDER THE HOUSE. Harrow County is, heh, influenced by that. Glad that real-life incident had a non-horrific ending.

• After wandering around downtown — getting a bagel, dropping a bill into the mail at the post office, visiting Ground Kontrol to play some video games, and wondering why planes out of PDX were flying so low over downtown (and learned the planes were steering clear of Hillsboro while the Oregon Air Show is going on) — I headed back east on the bus and took myself to the Laurelhurst Theater. I finally took myself to see Captain America: Civil War, now in second-run theaters, and I'm glad I did. No real review-y thoughts are coming to mind yet, which is fine since I don't have to do a review!
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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