Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Poem: "Past-Me-Serious-Me"

"Past-Me-Serious-Me," by Christopher Walsh, 8/3/2016-8/7/2016

I am serious.
Serious is a habit.
Serious has a weight, maybe grounding,
--------maybe tethering,
--------maybe smothering:
It's there, and must be navigated around.
(Lifted? Maybe. Moved? Maybe.)
I am serious. I also was:
A serious kid, shrouded in it
Not seeing how from outside of that gravity, I looked at times ridiculous.
Can a kid be allowed to be serious?
Is it just considered cute,
Another reason to pat them on their heads?
(I never liked having my head patted.)
Some adults see the serious kid, and tut-tut,
Knowing what they know is serious
Assuming a kid isn't ready to handle that
(when possibly they are).
They don't take a kid's seriousness seriously.
They don't respect it.
To them, it might as well be the thought of a toddler on the verge of a tantrum,
Easy to dismiss.
It's simpler not to think how the kid thinks.
Serious is one possible reaction to the world.
Serious is one way towards truth.
You reach serious eventually, somehow;
The serious kid reaches it sooner.
Whether you stop at serious is up to you.
I was stopped at serious for years
Was halted, in fact, at Too-Serious
And stuck.
I'm still getting unstuck.
Maybe I should keep feeling like I'm getting unstuck,
Be motivated to stay unstuck.
Maybe Past-Me-Serious-Me
Could have used a hug and
From Later-Me
As Later-Me said
"You can be serious. And you don't always have to be

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Tags: poetical

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