Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Fighting a mood by being useful

Cranky but still useful. That's me this morning.

I'm in the kind of mood where I want to be cranky at people — to poke the bear, as they say — so I'm trying hard not to take out my crankiness on others. Me being cranky is, after all and of course, not their fault, and I dislike when people take out their crankiness on others. So I'm trying to behave. Maybe I'd best do that today by interacting with very few people from now on. (I'm home, by the way. Hi.)

This morning, I got showered early for me on Sundays — I'd wanted to shower in the 6 o'clock hour, and got into the bathroom at 6:55 — and walked to get groceries. Heading to the store, I saw a dead animal and was startled. Heading back, I saw another dead animal and was startled. Ugly, sad sights on a day when I'm frustrated, so that was a little tougher than it normally would be.

But the groceries are bought and stored, and it's a cooler day today than a couple of days ago (it's still cool enough to keep my window open), and I can be useful later. And non-cranky later. I hope.

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