Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Breezes, and getting out in them

Breezes will save us.

Friday was a 90s° day, but with the saving grace of a breeze. Somewhat of one. That helped; I could have my bedroom window open longer in the morning, then in the afternoon I braved the still high heat (I know, I know, high by Portland standards) and spent time at Southeast Grind, my former neighborhood's 24-hour coffee-and-food shop. It's where I fled in the worse heat wave we had in 2009, where the worst day was 106°, tying a record. Got home without wilting.

Saturday: almost no breeze, and almost as hot as the day before. This deflated my interest in getting out; I stayed home, listened to music and read.

(It was still warm enough into the night both Friday and Saturday that I did what I'm still unlikely to do, which is keep my window open (behind the curtain) all night. I hope not to get used to that. Tonight, I won't have to.)

Today, I felt weird and off for not having gotten out; luckily temps moderated today. I left. (Stopping briefly on the porch to visit with a neighbor cat who's comfortable with me.)

My first stop was deliberate, and for a sad reason: a reckless driver killed a 15-year-old girl at SE 43rd and Hawthorne on Friday. Per witnesses, the driver was going 60mph in a 25mph stretch, and hit her when he weaved around traffic and into the center turn lane. Hit-and-run. One of the many ways 2016's been a difficult year: the number of pedestrian and bicyclist deaths in Portland due to bad driving. It's been scary and maddening. People are protesting this: they've set up an elaborate memorial at the intersection. I saw it. Sort of paying homage to a fellow walker. I hate that this has happened more lately.

That was my only planned stop while out today; the rest of the afternoon I explored on whims. Library time at the Belmont branch; then I hopped a #75 bus to its southern end in Milwaukie, and walked around. Decided not to cross McLoughlin to visit the beach on the Willamette River; I'd've wanted to be better prepared for bright light if I'd gone there. (I ducked into shade often today. Friday, too.) Then I rode the #70 north and the #14 east-southeast, then home.

It was good that I got out.
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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