Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Neat rumor becomes neat truth: Image Comics moving to Portland

Comic books in Portland are a big deal. Lots of major writers and artists live here, we're getting more and better attention for our comic book conventions, our comic shops are a genuine community of owners and staffers who help each other out, and our area has two significant publishers: Dark Horse, in Milwaukie next door to Portland, and Oni Press in Portland proper. Dark Horse, for perspective, is the fourth-largest comics publisher in the U.S.

We're about to get the third-largest.

Image Comics confirmed today that it will move from Berkeley, CA to NW Portland's Montgomery Park, the large office building built in a converted department store warehouse. Neat building; I know from working there as a temp once, in 2004. And having Image joining the businesses there and the publishers here in Portland feels, to me, elegant. Feels even more elegant to Image, I'm sure.

I know people who'd hoped that when "Big Two" publisher DC Comics decided to move out of New York City, it'd move here. DC didn't (it moved to Burbank), but we wanted to imagine. I first heard the Image rumors about a week ago, but made sure to treat them as rumors. I wanted the rumors to be true. Yes, they are! Sometimes that happens.

I hope the Image staffers who move here find Portland to be a productive, life-nourishing place, and that it's an easy adjustment from Berkeley. Certainly it'll be cheaper. (As I get older, I get more glad that I've never wanted to live in the Bay Area, just visit it.)
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