Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Pre-Easter Cheer (A Warm Feeling Part II)

Apartment party last night. My next-door neighbor hosted it in her studio, to celebrate spring (or, based on this weekend’s weather, the change from Winter Rain to Spring Rain). Good time, good food, good drinks, and good people (and man, do we have some attractive ladies associated with my building). I had my first sips of Jagermeister last night, and yes, I held it down. I didn’t up-chuck Jager. It was wine, snacks and strawberry cheesecake for me the rest of the night. This morning? Water. I need water. My trusty water bottle is to my left as I type this.

It was also kind of a farewell party for two people who are moving out, Jenny because she’s temporarily moving back with her parents while she finishes earning her real estate credentials (at which point she hopes to buy a condo, with a loft: “I love lofts! I love climbing! I love looking down!”), and Lauren because she’s moving to a NE place with more space. It was also also (yes, the doubling’s intentional) a welcoming party, because one of the guys who helped remodel this building has moved into the basement’s one-bedroom apartment. He’s Garret, he’s an artist (I saw his black-and-white pen works last night, including a piece he did at age 7!), and he’s much calmer than the last resident down there. I could tell stories about that guy…but I won’t, at least for now, ‘cause I don’t feel catty. I’m still warm and happy from last night.

And no, I’m not planning on being bitter and murky anytime soon…

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