Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Sometimes I do nothing

I like the term "fuller disclosure." It doesn't mean "full disclosure," which is used more often, but "fuller disclosure" is (to me) more truthful*.

Maybe I'm feeling like saying more because I just read Roger Ebert's memoir Life Itself and am currently reading Vol. 2 of The Diary of Anaïs Nin, but sometimes what I can say is "I did nothing." That was Saturday. I didn't leave the house or even get out of bedclothes, or shower. Instead, I read, and listened on the radio to U of O Ducks football (yay, a win!) and Portland Timbers soccer (argh, a bad loss!). And also felt vaguely guilty about not getting out for a walk, errands, or social interaction, but I decided to stick with having as quiet a day as I wound up having.

Those days happen sometimes, but don't make for scintillating blog entries. But I can note that one.

I will get out, today.

* As an attempted joke born of frustration, Douglas Adams wrote a chapter of So Long And Thanks For All the Fish that portrays everything Arthur Dent does for part of one night, then adds (paraphrased) "No. You don't actually want to know that." Adams was cranky at readers, he felt, dictating book content. Neil Gaiman said, in Don't Panic, that that was "patronising and unfair."

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