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Weather weather weather

So the dry pouring noise outside was hail. Leetle, leetle hail. It was almost cute. I'm glad I made it home before it hailed, though.

Ooo! Ooo! Good deed of the day: zarhooie made a voice-post asking someone with Net access to find the weather today and tomorrow in Omaha, Nebraska. I heard her post while eating lunch at my desk. Google was then my friend, bringing me to the NOAA Dot Gov weather site and showing me the info I needed to convey to her...and my calling card allowed me to call her for that very same conveying.

OK, Omaha weather, make sure you do what the forecast said you'll do! (Stay above freezing, in other words.)

Anyway, cool, I got to talk to her again! This is good. I even looked up another forecast that she needed. *is good and virtuous*

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