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I know more married people now

A happy, low-key wedding. I got to be at one yesterday.

I've known Heather for about five years; we've been through quite a bit in that time, including following her dating life. Which led her to meeting a guy named Chris T., who is now Mr. Heather. They got married in a ceremony at Cannon Beach, one of the resort towns on the Oregon Coast (and both the site of Haystack Rock and a filming location for The Goonies). I arrived early afternoon; the drive to Cannon Beach on Hwy. 26 is one of several very pretty drives through the Coast Range, though you have to drive carefully. Especially at night. Which I did later, when it's NOT pretty, but I made it home!

I'm glad I got there in the first place. I'd missed the Coast; I was last there three summers ago. Both Heather and Chris moved to Oregon from different parts of the South, and fell for the Oregon Coast as a lot of us do. They'd hoped to have the ceremony on the beach, but the forecast (and the wind already on the beach as of early afternoon) nixed that. While I was there, the weather went from this

to this:


So indoors it was! We visited, we ate, we danced, we toasted and cheered. I toasted with coffee, since I didn't want anything stronger than caffeine. And yes, I danced.

Because Cannon Beach a) was especially full this weekend, b) is pricey and c) isn't really built for single people, I had two options for the night: go home, or drive up to Seaside to get a motel room for the night. I went home — using the caffeine for good — though it was a challenging drive. Luckily for me, eastbound 26 traffic was fairly light; last time I left the Coast at night via 26, I had some tailgater riding my ass for miles. Still, this time, was rain and some low fog, and the more-than-occasional westbound drivers who didn't remember to turn off their high beams when passing people. Grr. Still, I made it.


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