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All that I have not done (today)

Today could've been much more involved.

Yesterday, I considered staying on the Oregon Coast for a bit longer: drive the eight miles from Cannon Beach, where Heather and Chris had gotten married, to Seaside, find a (relatively cheap, I'd hope) motel room for the night, and sleep within a mile of the Pacific. Instead, I gutted out the 80-mile trip back, and got home at 11:15.

Today, I've done almost nothing: slept in, read, watched some football, had lunch. I haven't even showered or bathed; I didn't need to. The other version of today would've had me freshening up so I'd be presentable in public, getting out and around the area of whatever motel I'd stayed at, finding pre-road trip breakfast (preferably within walking distance of wherever I would have stayed), maybe exploring Seaside further, maybe exploring Seaside long enough to need pre-road trip lunch, eventually pointing my car toward Portland and then driving those 80 miles. (And, at times during this, getting messages to people, like Heather and my housemates, so they could be sure I wasn't dead in a ditch.)

I'm getting a little tired just thinking of that hypothetical day. Possibly a sign it was a good idea to get home.

I'll get back to the Coast some time. Likely in a more planned way.

*gets back to napping*

Evening Addendum (7:07 p.m.): I didn't actually nap, but it was possible that I would.

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