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It's a small LJ world

So I'm a fan of singer-songwriter S.J. "Sooj" Tucker -- a powerful and funny performer who's on the web at Skinny White Chick Dot Com and is part of our LJ family at s00j -- and I come home tonight and find a mailing list e-mail saying that she'll be performing in a bookstore in Cambridge, Massachusetts (which, as many others do, I feel should be said "Cambridge, Our Fair City, Mass," but I digress). And I think of new Bostonians shadesong and yendi -- dude! They might like her! -- so I post to Le Journal de 'Song.

And guess what? She's already going...because the appearance also includes Sooj's friend catvalente!

So I'm glad 'song's getting out...and that she's seeing a friend...and that she has the chance to (I hope) become a fan of someone I'm a fan of. (I can hear it now: "Sooj? 'Song. 'Song? Sooj.")

(Now if only this somehow hooked up with Kevin Bacon, this would go beyond "small world" and start goin' meta, dude...)
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