Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

What did I mean?

Having blogged for 12 years, I've had times when I looked back at some entry from 2007 or some other time and wondered: what was I talking about? Sometimes I was cryptic. Maybe I was venting. Maybe I was thinking of someone I'd decided not to name. And as context recedes, Future-Me — like the way I am, now, to 2007-Me — may get confused.

Happens sometimes with Facebook's "On This Day" feature, too. I'm fascinated with it and dutifully check it. I have Issues (yes, capitalized) with Facebook, but I like that way of showing snapshots from our least the parts of our lives we put on Facebook. And sometimes just a year is long enough to remove context.

I hope this is rare. I try to be clear. I try to be more clear than I've been before, because I haven't always been clear. Often trying to be clever makes me unclear. So many people have that issue. Stephen King revised his novel The Gunslinger, a book he'd conceived in 1970 and didn't finish until 1982, because his attempts to be Poetic and Meaningful sometimes were just unclear. Say what happened, whether in Mid-World or in my world.

Anyway. Words are on my mind. Why? OK, I'll be unclear about that. For now. *grins cryptically*

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