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History, through the computer

Cubs won.

Cubs won.

I honestly wasn't sure I'd ever see that happen.

Holy crap, Cubs won.

I refreshed both Twitter and the ESPN website A LOT tonight as the, game, kept, happening — a tie, a 10th inning, a rain delay — and I WAS NOT THE ONLY ONE. I don't even follow baseball, but I get my family and friends' love of it, its eccentricities, its improbabilities (even I've heard of the 33-inning game), its drama.

I was making weird, strangled noises during this game — I didn't want to be too loud, it's late (NOT AS LATE AS IN CHICAGO OR CLEVELAND) — as I watched both the improbable game and the improbable, stressed, frequently hilarious reactions to it. History in real time: that, for me, is when Twitter sings. And this time it was for fun history.

Time to wind down. Though if I were Chicago schools, I'd just cancel class for Thursday...