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A sort-of work post (but mostly walking)

Another person from my company is on-site at the hospital this week and next. Interesting woman: grandmother who also served in the Army and who owns a Playstation 2. And who Moves With A Purpose. I've walked with her to lunch the last two days, and I helped her get off Pill Hill last night, and all of those times I had to work to keep up with her. And I have a pretty fast walk.

Wound up being an invigorating commute last night: we went to the lobby level of the Kohler Pavilion, the building the new tram station connects to, and hopped a shuttle to the first OHSU building on South Waterfront. We then walked the construction zone between that building (just south of the Ross Island Bridge) and her hotel (just north of the Marquam Bridge). Glad to see her enter her hotel, I backtracked back to OHSU South Waterfront, walked up various paths and ramps to get to the Ross Island Bridge, and bussed home. "That was an invigorating walk," she said to me this morning. I can vouch; I was asleep before 9:30. (Last night, not this morning. I've never fallen asleep at this job...) I was tired. Not quite tarred tired (as I've said before, the way you may say "tired" when you're too tired to pronounce two syllables in a row), but I needed my sleep.

It doesn't feel like it should be Thursday, by the way; it seems earlier, for some reason. Anyone else feeling this?
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