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Allow me to be sad for a restaurant.

Filed under News That Sucks: A fire has destroyed the 33-year-old Dory Cove Restaurant in Road's End, Lincoln City, Oregon.

No people were hurt, but the restaurant was a good place, and a landmark, and was home to many fish in fish tanks, pets that are now lost.

I'm fond of the place; I and my family have been to it several times. I still remember going there summer 1990, after my dad's parents had had their 50th wedding anniversary, which our extended family had followed up by renting a Lincoln City beach house for a week. (That was also the week we introduced my then-7-year-old cousin Jeff to the film Field of Dreams, which he kept calling "that weird movie," but he later asked "Can we watch that weird movie again?," so we knew the film had worked for him.) At Dory Cove we had cheese fries that I still remember, 16 years later.

Who knows if it can be rebuilt. Who knows if the family owners want, or are able, to rebuild it. I miss it already.

But in News That Could've Been Much Worse Than It Was, a pilot ejected safely from his F/A-18 Hornet before it crashed near Miramar Marine Air Station in San Diego. No one was hurt; it crashed in a field.
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