Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Figuring stuff out: I can!

Relatively quiet Thanksgiving, I'm glad to say. We had 11 people total, visiting well and happily over good food and nice wine. I rested for much of the evening after dinner, then slept well; and have had a relaxing day-after-Thanksgiving today. (We just had tonight's dinner. I said, "Happy Leftoversgiving!")

Yesterday was relaxing, too. With a nice little accomplishment: the little radio alarm clock in the guest room where I'm sleeping has a button that doesn't work. You can adjust the hours on it; you can't adjust the minutes, the Minute button for some reason doesn't do anything. So Thanksgiving morning, I waited in the guest room until the hour rolled over (to 10:00, to be exact), and unplugged and re-plugged the clock. Then unplugged and re-plugged it again, because I'd left the clock unplugged so briefly that it hadn't reset to 12:00. Then I adjusted it to 10:00 while it was still 10:00.

Correct time! Until the clock's unplugged again or the folks have a power outage, but that's not going to be my issue.

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