Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

More room for mist

This was my view this morning. (Linked instead of embedded because I have a technical issue.)

This is in Dundee, about 30 miles southwest of Portland and about a mile off of Hwy. 99W, one of the main roads through the Willamette Valley. Trees, streams (currently rather swollen from rain), rural-raised animals, living-in-nature animals, and mist. To name some of what's around here.

(What used to be around here? Feral chickens. Several years ago a couple moved here from Portland, and decided to raise chickens. This was before the vogue of in-city chicken raising had really taken off in Portland, so it still felt much more of a rural thing. The couple didn't enclose their pen well enough, and the chickens and roosters got out, wandered the area, didn't get caught, and started making little chickens and roosters. They were around for a bit, long enough to let me amuse myself by saying "feral chickens." WATCH OUT FOR YOUR CHICKENS, PEOPLE. Whether in the city or in the country.)

I've said it before, I'll say it again: this is a restful place. For several reasons, I hadn't been here for a while — maybe not since last Christmas — so I appreciate that it worked out for me to get here for Thanksgiving.

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