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A really delayed Christmas present

Until last night, this was a full bag of Harry & David Moose Munch.


It also was an unopened bag of Harry & David Moose Munch. One gift at Family Christmas 2015 was a box of all sorts of treats (fruit and candy) from the company, and we divvied up the treats from it. I decided Why not? and took that, plus other stuff, figuring that while I usually don't like sweet popcorn I'd eat at least the nuts and chocolate.

I kept not actually eating it.

The bag stayed in a kitchen drawer, and stayed, and stayed, while plenty of other food came and went (into my belly), but last night even though I was worried it'd be stale by now, I wanted something dessert-y, darn it, and this was the most dessert-y thing I had.

I'm liking it more than I'd expected. So my tongue is happy, my digestive tract is happy, and that helps. This is not a major blog entry, but I wasn't trying for it to be. *grins*