Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Portland tried to take it easy today.

And it sort of did. We had the chance for relatively — by our standards, at least — inclement weather, especially in the afternoon, so with caution a lot of Portland institutions decided to take today off. Things have been pretty quiet. That's true where I live, too.

I got out and walked this morning, before the (not too bad, so far) snow and freezing rain started. Got to the Pieper Café on Foster, was around people, got some reading in and some food and coffee in, too. Foster was occasionally light on traffic; one of the café workers said she'd seen someone take advantage of that by driving much faster than needed up the road. (She added that the crosswalk sign visible through the Pieper's windows often gets knocked down. I'm kind of glad I haven't seen that, but I'd rather it not happen at all.) I was home later that morning, pausing to briefly drive my car for a few blocks, give it some work to do.

(I also worked on forming the habit of checking the tires, in case animals are sheltering in the wheel wells. It's possible in winter, and I want animals to be safer.)

There was, eventually, snow and freezing rain, enough for a little to stick, but still not as bad as we'd worried. I'm glad it wasn't too bad; I'm also glad I didn't have to go out farther than my walk.
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